theory. practice. creativity. exchange.

At one point in time, art was a call to the mysterious, imaginative, or liminal. It was about the inter-mutual exchange of shared observation and experience. When something moved us internally without physical force, the phenomenon was thought to come from a special place, and through our attempts to replicate it, we had to give it a name. The name given to this act was art. It’s maker was the artist.

In the past, the earliest purveyors of art were specialists who dealt with the “magic” of extrasensory forms of communication: images, sound, rituals, or enactments. This timeless thread of activity is what connects the past to the present as well as connects our present to the future. 

Artpyre is a digital publishing platform that explores the intrinsic value of artistic and cultural practices that shape ways we think and live. Special attention is given to the imaginative, the humanistic and the aesthetic.  Our mission is to cultivate a reflective and forward-thinking environment where artistic creativity, culture, and industry go hand in hand. Our means are through writing, conversation, and discourse—to see, feel, and listen with intent and reciprocity.  

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