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Art of the Meme: How Forces of Consumerism Replace the Role of Nature in Religion

Memes have become a common form of social communication online. But what do they say about how we view the universe we live in?

Patricia Treib: Arm Measures
at Bureau

Individually and as a body, Treib’s work heightens the various sensory modes of life in a painting. Her bed-sized oils on canvas are satisfyingly visual and tactile—displaying a heightened sensitivity to her medium and an awareness of space and movement that rewards the viewer who is fully open to their aesthetic faculties.


A Dinosaur in the Contemporary Art Sale: How Images Inhabit Aesthetic Ecosystems

Digital media’s influence on our relationships to images and objects has been paid little attention—but due to the vast amount of information we view, process, and share, it’s easy to tell that a shift has occurred. This shift opens up new areas to consider as aesthetic realities where poetry can emerge.

Mildred Howard: A Survey, 1978 – 2020
at Parrasch Heijnen Gallery, Los Angeles

Mildred Howard’s survey at Parrasch Heijnen takes an important look at this artist whose career has spanned more than 40 years. Howard is an artist who asks us to seek the meanings of things beyond what is visible at the surface—things that reveal stories of the lives and memories of individuals and communities.


Reinvesting Art with Value in an Age of Too Much Info

For better or for worse, our sense of value of art appears connected to streams and feeds on social media. How can it be used to invest a deeper sense of value back into it?

Welcome to ArtPyre- the Art World’s first dedicated social network.

ArtPyre officially launches, a project that has been a few years in the planning— A platform to organize the social media needs for the Art World.