Artists, Curators, Gallerists


Fawn Krieger

The Civics of Metaphysics

Fawn Krieger explores ideas of materiality, civics, and the illimitable through sculpture, drawing, and performance. Arriving at the convergence of environment and intuition, her work appears as a means of understanding how the universe works through its physicality, social interaction, and their metaphysical implications.


Alejandro Almanza Pereda

Physics of Freedom and Necessity

In Alejandro Almanza Pereda’s work, there is an attraction to the object that soon turns to awareness of its impact as a system within its physical environment. The scene portrays a counterbalance of trepidation, beauty, stress, and joy. Yet it’s his intuition towards physics and aesthetics that keeps the viewer lingering.


Vlatka Horvat

Listening to What the Objects Want

To understand Horvat’s work is to enter the kinesthetic sphere— a tactile world where one becomes aware of the body’s movement and the placement of objects in relationship to the spaces they inhabit. Here, the visual and physical become merged into a single work and way of being.


Ethan Greenbaum

The Observer Effect:
Lucidity and Legibility in Image and Object

Ethan Greenbaum’s work transforms imagery of the urban environment into uncanny, jarring, and visually alluring objects that are equally 2D and sculptural. His work also presents a condition where the viewer’s perspective has an effect on what is seen.


Mary Simpson

The Matriarch of Nature Revealed

Mary Simpson’s work bridges visual abstraction with ideas relating to the ancient world and its mysteries. Here—a look into her work delving into the power of nature, primordial femininity, poetry, and the ancient rites of Eleusis.


Nicola Ginzel

Memory, Form, and Talismans

Nicola Ginzel’s work often appears at an intimate scale, reflecting a heightened sensibility of material manufacture and intuitive action. During a recent project under quarantine in Vienna, this scale expanded, and the result brought the accord of art, architecture, and mysticism all out into the open.