What is Art Pyre

What is Art Pyre

What is ArtPyre?

ArtPyre is an independent social platform and online journal for arts professionals and supporters in the field. It’s a community built on the ecology of the Art World: artists, writers, galleries, curators, publications, institutions, advisors, educators, collectors, and art lovers.

It’s a platform for those dedicated to Art and its placement in the world, those wanting to reach an exclusive art audience, and those wanting to see more substance in arts coverage via social media.

Why Join?

Other platforms control what you see. ArtPyre doesn’t. It also does completely without the use of algorithms or data mining. You’ll never have to worry about missing anything happening in your network or having your posts not being seen on ArtPyre because of algorithms. It can be set up exactly how you want—you can easily switch between streaming on who you follow, or you can follow the whole network.

By joining, you are supporting a community dedicated to Art and those who devote themselves to it—not a company that sells your information to 3rd parties or advertisers.

ArtPyre never collects or shares your personal information.

What can I do with it?

With ArtPyre, you get to do more than just share or like pics—you get to share all of your content. This includes links, image albums, videos, portfolios, bios, CVs, exhibitions, or press releases. You can save posts, images, and event announcements to return to later. You can hashtag pics and search all tagged images. You can join public or private groups to reach others locally, or create your own for online events. Using its features to their full extent, ArtPyre can replace the need for a website.

How does it work?

ArtPyre uses a modest, scaled subscription model that allows it to remain independent from the influence of “big data” and advertisers. This allows you to focus just on the art that matters to you.

You build your network on ArtPyre organically— you make contacts and friends just like you do in real life.

Why pay for social media when the main platforms are free?

The concept of “free” is misleading when it comes to online media services. The cost is always paid by someone. The question is whether you choose a service where you know what you’re getting upfront, or, if you choose a one where your behaviors are monitored, your preferences are selected by algorithms, and it’s paid for by a third party in exchange for your info. With ArtPyre, there is no 3rd party. There is only you and the platform.

Here, the Art World makes content for the Art World.

How much are memberships?

ArtPyre has a Free account that allows access to the network and articles, but with limited uploadable content.*

Paid membership levels offer full access to the network and articles, along with unlimited uploads, images, profile completion, and more.

Artist: $2.95/month
Curator / Writer: $2.95 per month
Gallery / Business: $8.95 per month
Press / Publication: $12.95 per month
Institution / Intl. Gallery: $19.95 per month
Private Viewer: $24.95/month

(*economically disenfranchised individuals or communities are eligible for full access by contacting admins)

How do I Join?

Sign up below & help develop a culture that supports Art’s value through social media.