We have, today, many definitions of what art is and what art can be. Since prehistory, art has been used to communicate abstract ideas, convey symbolism, express aesthetic qualities, or transmit and preserve cultural traditions. In the last century, the definition of art has expanded to include practically any medium or media, but still remains an activity that binds communities, and expresses individuality.   


The ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle, believed that there are three basic activities of humans:

Theoria – the theoretical – activities with the end goal of “truth”.

Praxisthe practical –  activities with the end goal of action.

Poiesis – making  activities with the end goal of making, or production.


ARTPYRE seeks to explore the intersection of these activities within the context of art—without hierarchy— with the goal of exalting art to its proper place as a human activity revealing individual and cultural truths through action and making. 


ARTPYRE is a sister site to art-l.ink, a tool designed to optimizing viewer engagement with contemporary Art on social media.